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Our Adorable UK Garter Collection Coming Soon

Our UK Collection is handmade and of the highest quality.

Camila can be styled up within a braid or fluffed bun; a brushed silver foil is soft, elegant & a perfect statement on your wedding day for you or your girls.

A glorious handmade floral hair vine showcasing freshwater pearls and silk flowers.

Elianna can be worn with any wrapped style by the bride or bridesmaid.

Cameo is enchanting; a handmade vine with snow white porcelain flowerettes, pearlescent and pipette beads.

Cameo will create a whimsical featured look to any hairstyle; be the bride, bridesmaid or gala event.

Gwendlyn is a 48cm long single hand-woven vine with delicate sprays of freshwater pearls and shimmering crystals.

Illaria is a precious freshwater pearl & Swarovski crystal vine. This intricately handmade stunning vine is fresh, light and of high quality; a vine suitable for any up-do style.

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